About us

Future Learning is a research initiative at the University of Barcelona (Faculty of Education), developing educational and research projects related to innovative learning environments mediated by technologies.

To answer the challenges which feature our fast-changing society, we explore the potential of technology to enhance teaching, learning, and creative education. To do so, we inquire the trends and technology developments which drive educational innovation. Future learning seeks to provide new models and scenarios for applying technologies in all learning settings.

Beyond boundaries and disciplines, we promote a domain-wide approach to knowledge that define the European culture of the XXI century.

We closely collaborate with various educational and research networks (including education ministries,  schools and universities), at national and international levels, in Europe and worldwide.

Our research is based on competitive calls. We collaborated in 30 EU-funded projects, guiding educators and trainers from different levels (from primary education to professional development) and sectors (e.g. STEAM, social sciences, professional training), either in a coordinating or participating role. Currently, we are involved in projects  from different European programmes.

Future Learning participates in the Virtual Teaching and Learning Research group (GREAV) and the Institute of Educational Research.


Research lines

Creative education

… creativity is essential for negotiating the uncertainties of XXI Century society and its constant processes of change. Developing creative skills has become a central objective in educational policies worldwide. We seek to provide new models, methodologies and tools for applying creativity in teaching and learning settings.

Game-based learning

… we explore the potential of digital games for promoting enhanced learning experiences. Games have qualities that can foster students’ intrinsic motivation towards learning, promote learning by doing, as well as provide safe environments where learners can freely explore and experiment..

Educational evaluation

… we specialize in the evaluation of ongoing research tackling educational, institutional, organisational and cultural dimensions of learning environments mediated by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).


… we design, implement and assess new models and programmes aiming to develop teachers’ practices for RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) in science education (STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).